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Here’s the place where people are really serious in turning news into actionable insight. Digivla is an integrated media monitoring provider where evolving technology is enriched by an embedded process of digitalizing 1000+ print, electronic and online media, both national and local. In addition, a dedicated team of communication consultants from Digivla’s affiliated company, PT. Royston Advisory Indonesia is assigned to translate the data into useful information and further convert it to come up with actionable insight in a form of public relations recommendations. In Digivla, we believe that the primary strength of an insight is the quality of the team that works behind the information.


1495 Media
245 Print Media
75 Tv News Programs
1175 Online news portal


available backtrack data since 2010 print, tv and radio news monitoring in one dashboard unlimited search keyword & validated news tonality downloadable media information dashboard


news tonality validation with accountable SOP tailored news contect daily report and summary media content analysis & early warning system issue life cycle and crisis alert actionable public relations recommendation.

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